Biff Ripperts and the SaintsBiff Ripperts returns and gets you ready for Cowboys/Saints by pranking a writer from New Orleans
Biff Ripperts Pranks a New Sales GirlThere's a new sales girl up on the 12th floor, so Ben and Skin give her the ultimate initiation by prank calling her with the legendary Biff Ripperts.
Ben and Skin Prank a Pacers Blogger Ben and Skin call a Pacers blogger to discuss the Danny Granger trade. Biff Ripperts, Nigel and Bane call in to ask questions.
Biff Ripperts Prank The glorious Biff Ripperts returns as he prank calls a San Francisco 49ers blogger.
Biff Ripperts Pranks Edmonton Oilers BloggerBen's character Biff Ripperts gets his own sports talk show called The Sports Calzone, and chaos ensues when Biff is forced to talk hockey with an Edmonton Oilers blogger.
Biff Ripperts Sales PrankBen's fake character Biff Ripperts goes after Joe from sales in one of the most intimidating phone calls in the history of radio pranks.