Grackles Take Over Fort Worth Shopping Center

A gaggle of grackles have taken over a Fort Worth shopping center, making customers duck and cover as they dart into stores to shop.


Hurst Birds

Hundreds Of Birds Descend On Hurst Shopping Center

A Hurst shopping center has become the latest spot occupied by grackles, starlings and sparrows.


An Egret. (Credit: Getty Images)

Carrollton Neighborhood Cleaning Up Egret Mess

The egrets that have dogged a Carrollton neighborhood since May appear to have left a foul mess in their wake. The city of Carrollton will finally sanitize the street on Chamberlain Drive Wednesday morning.


A photo of some of the dogs rescued from a trailer in Van Zandt County on August 26, 2011. (credit: SPCA of Texas)

Dozens Of Neglected Animals Rescued In Van Zandt Co.

On Friday the SPCA of Texas seized more than 30 animals in Van Zandt County.


An Egret. (Credit: Getty Images)

Carrollton Can’t Touch Invading Egrets Despite Health, Property Risks

It didn’t matter that a group of irritated residents spoke up at Tuesday’s City Council meeting about losing their neighborhood to thousands of birds. City leaders told them their hands were tied, these egrets are federally protected migratory birds.


An Egret. (Credit: Getty Images)

Protected Egrets Concern Carrollton Neighborhood

What started as a few nesting pairs has turned into a full-fledged egret takeover that has now expanded onto three blocks throughout the city.


A blue-throated macaw. (Credit: Dallas Zoo)

Exotic Birds Escape Dallas Zoo

With the freedom of open air and strong winds behind them, two exotic birds flew the coop Friday at the Dallas Zoo. The pair of blue-throated macaws “took a wrong turn” during the Zoo’s SOAR: A Festival of Flight event, which lets the animals freely fly over the audience.