Brendan's Birthday CelebrationIt's Brendan's 27th birthday so the gang celebrates with an audio tribute!
Trending In Ben It's the return of "Trending In Ben" and all the topics are fair game. Mad Men, Globe Life Park and mind-reading Pets!
Skin Game Show: What Do They Make? Skin finds a list of random salaries for different professions and the guys guess what they make.
Egg Taint Motivational Speech Challange The guys have a new bet to see who can do the best motivational speeches on weird topics. The listeners have voted. Who will lose the bet? Who will have to do the egg taint?
Cash Money With the news surrounding Jim Irsay having $29,000 on him when he was arrested, the guys discuss what they have in their wallets.
What's Wash's New Postgame Celebration The guys try to figure out how Ron Washington and his new bench coach will celebrate after Rangers win.
NBA 4-Point ShotThe guys discuss the possibility of the NBA adding a 4-point shot, and wonder what will happen if they let live animals on the playing surface.
Other Parts of the Paper: Dog Runs for MayorBrendan tells us the story of a man trying to get his dog to run for mayor in Irving and breaks the news that local news anchor Gloria Campos is retiring.
Other Parts of the Paper: Worlds Worst Arrest RecordBrendan tells us about a lady who was arrested for failing to return a VHS tape that she rented in 2005.
Other Parts of the Paper: "Sex Offension"KC Masterpiece crashes the Other Parts of the Paper segment. Kevin introduces a new term, "sex offension". Brendan also explains why not to rob a fast food restaurant.
Other Parts of the Paper- A lady breast feeds a dogBrendan talks about a woman who breast feeds a dog while another lady fails to join the mile high club.
Walking Dead and Jay Leno TalkThe KC Masterpiece guys join the show to talk about Jay Leno's retirement and their zombie apocalypse plans based off of the show, Walking Dead.