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A woman plays with an Xbox 360 game console. (credit: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

Call Of Duty Game Leads To Prank Lewisville 911 Call

A gun battle on a video game turned into guns drawn in a Lewisville neighborhood Monday.


A customer buys a copy of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" for the Xbox 360 during a launch event for the highly anticipated video game at a GameStop store on November 7, 2011. (credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Video Game Expert Looks At 2 Hot Holiday Titles

There are a ton of new video games coming out for the holidays, but two titles in particular are getting a considerable amount of attention.


Modern Warfare 3 Spec Ops Video

If you are unfamiliar this is a co-op mode game for the upcoming MW3 that’s similar to Zombies in Blackops.

105.3 The Fan–08/09/2011

Do You Have a Half Million Dollar Beef With Me?

Here’s the second Fan Batallion Blackops hilight video. Optimus Prime is Coby from Arnie’s show. Fbomber73 is Brian from the Josh and Elf show.

105.3 The Fan–07/11/2011

Call of Duty New Zombie Map Trailer

I gotta say this looks like a Zombie map that I might be able to get in to.  Love the rides on the mining carts, those wood spike claymores, and the clapping monkey dynamite. Speaking […]

105.3 The Fan–06/27/2011

Blackops DLC Annihilation New Video

Two days ago, we had the official preview with the developers from Treyarch breaking down the different maps and giving tips for the maps when they come out on the 28th.  Today, we get the […]

105.3 The Fan–06/22/2011

Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Launch Party

Black Ops Map Pack Looks Like the Best Yet

Annihilation is up next. June 28th on XBOX first. I think the best thing about it is Treyarch tried to recapture the glory of nuketown with a map called drive in. Nonstop action is too good to pass up (subtle note to EA and BF3).

105.3 The Fan–06/20/2011

harvey gamer

More Of Gavin’s Gadgets

More news on Blackops DLC this week, with the report of four new maps headed to XBOX Live June 28th that was confirmed yesterday by Treyarch.  Today comes news that America’s largest retail game distributer Gamestop […]

105.3 The Fan–06/17/2011

Photo of Harvey by Gavin Dawson

Gavin’s Gadgets

Gavin Dawson and the G-Bag Nation not only bring you some of the best sports talk in the metroplex – but also the latest news on gadgets and gaming.

105.3 The Fan–06/15/2011

Jay Ratliff Hour

We talk CoD, Cowboys football, and how Jerry Jones is reaching out to Jay and his family.