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Cameron Todd Willingham

Apt Fire 1

Texas Fire Marshal Offers Old Cases For New Review

The Texas state fire marshal has volunteered to turn over more than a decade of his office’s casework to advocates so they can examine them for wrongful convictions.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Prosecutor Under Fire In Contested Texas Execution

The prosecutor in the case of a Texas man executed for the fire deaths of his three daughters faces new scrutiny from a New York-based nonprofit group accusing him of misconduct.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Parole Board Denies Pardon For Willingham

The Innocence Project said that the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has denied its petition to posthumously pardon a man executed for killing his three children in a house fire.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Innocence Project Says It Has New Evidence In 1991 Willingham Murder Case

The Innocence Project says it’s discovered new documents that undermine the credibility of a key witness at the trial of a North Texas man whose execution for the arson deaths of his three children continues to be debated.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Family Requests Pardon Review For Executed Man

The family of a man convicted and executed for an arson murder, based on what scientists now say was faulty evidence, is asking the Board of Pardons and Parole to review the case.


(credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

New Science Being Used To Fight Arson Convictions

Attorneys are using new fire investigation science to challenge arson convictions, in much the way that DNA now clears those accused of murder and rape.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Stymied Texas Board Offers Future Recommendations

A Texas state commission prevented from further investigating a case where death penalty opponents say an innocent man may have been executed is set to offer recommendations on future arson inquiries.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Bill Would Refine Duties For Texas Forensic Panel

The duties and mission of a troubled state panel caught up in the review of a contested arson finding in a death penalty case would be cleared up under legislation approved by the Texas Senate on Friday.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Texas Science Panel Takes No Stance In Willingham Case

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed seven years ago for setting the 1991 blaze at his home in Corsicana.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

State Panel Issues No Ruling In Willingham Case

The ruling in the 1991 fire at Willingham’s home led to his execution. Since then, experts concluded that the fire was an accident.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

Executed Arsonist Case Returns To Texas Panel

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted of the arson deaths of his children and executed, returns to the Texas Forensic Science Commission.


Cameron Todd Willingham (credit: AP Photo)

State Panel Reviews Corsicana Arson Death Case

The execution of a Texas man for the fire deaths of his three small children is coming under renewed scrutiny.