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Checking Where & How Your Charitable Donation Is Spent

Americans are more likely to donate to a good cause during the holidays, and charities depend on that generosity. But when donating to non-profit organizations there is a big difference as to where your money goes and how it is spent.

CBS 11–12/17/2012

United Way

Dallas Boy Scouts Losing United Way Funding

The United Way of Dallas is expected to announce funding recipients Wednesday morning that for the first time in decades, will not include groups like the Boy Scouts and the Volunteer Center of North Texas.


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Experts Warn About Making Text Message Donations

Making a charitable donation using your cell phone is quick and easy. But scam artists are hard at work dreaming up new ways to take advantage of your giving mood.


Nancy Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen f

Komen Going After ‘For The Cure’ Infringement

The Dallas-based foundation that has built an international reputation advocating for breast cancer research is now coming under fire for going after other charities that bare a similar name.