A CBS 11 News viewer snapped this photograph of a mysterious animal in Plano. (credit: Melissa Merryman-Metcalf)

Houston Man Spots Mysterious Animal

There is some concern in one Texas community about an animal spotted roaming around homes. And the man who saw it is convinced that the creature could be a chupacabra.


That Thing is NOT El Chupacabra (Audio)

Bud Kennedy at the Fort Worth Star Telegram took the time to chat with me tonight about what was really shot in Hood County by Animal Control officers.  Audio after the jump…


Tonight: There's No Such Thing as El Chupacabra!, Raising the Retirement Age?, Obama to Cause Parents to Freak Out Again, and more…

From local wildlife to hard-hitting national issues, tonight’s show from 7-9 promises to be another jam-packed Mel Gibson-action-movie-style thriller. At 7:05: Following the shooting death of what some believed to be El Chupacabra in Hood […]


Chupacabra Killed In North Texas? (Photo)

A strange animal has been killed in the Hood County town of Cresson. 


Chupacabra Found In North Texas?

The latest now on the so-called “Chupacabra” discovered by a Wise county man on a golf course.