Dallas County Marshals Out Of A Job Amid AccusationsFive of them are accused of working part-time jobs while they were still on the clock for the county.
Hurricane Harvey Evacuees Seek Shelter In DallasThe Walnut Hill Rec Center is being used to house many evacuees with volunteers setting up more than 500 cots.
CBSDFW Hosts Heated Debate On Future Of ObamacareExperts, doctors and patients weighed in on whether or not the Affordable Care Act should be here to stay.
Lawyer's Death Brings Personal Sadness To Dallas County Judge Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Brian Loncar was a longtime family friend and colleague.
Dallas County Commission Discusses Lowering Tax RateJudge Clay Jenkins wants to soften the blow. But school districts and county commissioners aren't buying.
Handy Tips Following A Disaster (In Wake Of December Tornadoes) As residents are recovering from the deadly tornadoes that hit Dallas County over a week ago, it’s important to make sure they know the proper steps to take over the next few weeks.
Retired Dallas County Constable Cleo Steele Dead At 69Constable Cleo Steele died Wednesday after complications from heart surgery according to local Democratic Party.
Imam Cancels Prayer At Fort Worth Stock Show & RodeoThe prayers that open events at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo are not specific to any religion and are read by people of various faiths. But the role of an Islamic leader in this year's events sparked outrage on social media.
Controversial Remarks Surface In Dallas County Judge's RaceThe Dallas County Judge race between Democratic incumbent Clay Jenkins and his Republican challenger Ron Natinsky hasn't received much publicity at all... until now.
First 48 People Come Off Ebola Watch List  As of today, 48 people are now no longer on the Ebola watch list.
Commissioners Decide Against Emergency Disaster DeclarationInstead of declaring an emergency disaster Dallas leaders took no action and will rely on individuals potentially exposed to Ebola to adhere to self-monitoring guidelines and avoid public transportation.
Family Of U.S. Ebola Carrier Moves Into Donated Home Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins personally escorted the family of Ebola carrier Thomas Duncan to a 4 bedroom spacious home in a gated community Friday.