Date Ideas For Active Couples On Valentine’s Day

Have an adventurous Valentine’s Day with these date ideas.


A man and woman exchane rings during a wedding ceremony. (credit: Mykola Lazarenko/AFP/Getty Images)

Many North Texas Couples & Parents Waited For 11/12/13

The date 11/12/13 is an iconic mark on the calendar that some North Texas couples have been waiting for all year.

CBS 11–11/12/2013

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Horse & Carriage Rides Around DFW

Whether it’s a Cinderella night or a day out with the family, a horse-drawn carriage is guaranteed to make lasting memories.


Best Dallas Restaurants For A First Date

There’s nothing wrong with a noisy sports bar or a hole-in-the-wall taco stand, but when you’re on a first date it’s all about location, location, location. Here are the top destinations that have an inviting atmosphere, a sophisticated menu, and bar options that invite you to linger for another drink or two.


Sybil and Greggo's date?

Sybil invited Greggo out. He invited her to do stuff with his junk. And to go to a nudist colony.


Worst Date Ever: Boyfriend Bails As Foul Ball Hits Girlfriend

A man who decides to do the Texas two-step to slide away from your side as a foul ball screams toward you into the stands is far from a dream date.