defend your ride

"She's spicy, kind of spicy."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Josh In Deep Ellum

“There was Aliyah the Kia. There was Mia the Kia. This is Gia the Kia.” – Josh and his Kia Spectra


"I'm always on the road."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Meagan At Reunion Tower

“I went in. I was like, this is my car, and I bought it!” – Meagan and her Mazda 3


"We had crazy hat day at work the other day."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Morgan At Galleria Dallas

“I’m a Texas girl. I can’t drive in the snow.” – Morgan and her Honda Fit Sport


"It didn’t slip or slide once."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pace At The Angelika Dallas

“I can do anything, go wherever I want.” – Pace and his 2011 Subaru Legacy


"I always wanted a motorcycle when I was a kid."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Tony At The Soda Gallery

“My parents wouldn’t let me have it. Now I don’t have to ask permission!” – Tony and his Vespa


"This one is called Green With Envy. They got it right."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jonathan At The Bishop Arts District

“I’ve met other Challengers on the road. We rev engines back and forth.” – Jonathan and his Dodge Challenger SRT8 392


"Are you looking at my Tardis?"

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jessica At Addison Circle

“Don’t tell my parents, but I really wanna get a motorcycle someday.” – Jessica and her Hyundai Genesis


"It’s one of the coolest cars out there right now."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Trey At The Grenada Theater

“I use the car for toolin’ around town, carting my drums around to gigs.” – Trey and his Dodge Charger


"I'm getting about 31 miles per gallon highway."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jenny At The American Airlines Center

“Big Mavs fan! I have a Longhorn emblem on the back.” – Jenny and her Acura TSX


"It's the closest thing to flying on the ground."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ryan At Keller’s In Lake Highlands

“There is just something about when you get on them. It’s such a relief.” – Ryan and his Harley Davidson Street Glide


“I haven’t even had her a month and I’ve already had her washed twice.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jenifer At The American Airlines Center

“It was a gift to myself.” – Jenifer and her Kia Optima


“It does what it needs to do. It’ll be there for you.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mario In Deep Ellum

“It’s strong. It’s like a hero of some kind.” – Mario and his Kia Sportage