A sprinkler sprays water on a lawn. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Cities Losing Money With Drought & Watering Restrictions

North Texas cities are trying to figure out how to deal with a costly side effect of the drought. Some are losing millions of dollars because of water restrictions.

CBS 11–06/30/2014

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Opinion: Romney Tries To Reboot Losing Campaign With Ryan Pick

After months of failing to find a way to gain ground in the presidential campaign, Mitt Romney has hit the reset button by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, but once the dust has settled and the Conventions are over, it is hard to see how Romney will have changed the direction of the 2012 presidential campaign.


Texas State Capitol

Texas Tax Revenues Higher Than Expected

The state could have a budget surplus of more than a billion dollars in a couple of years.


The Texas State Capitol building. (credit: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

State House Approves Federal Balanced Budget Amendment

A state Senate committee has approved one of Governor Rick Perry’s emergency items. The resolution calls on Congress to pass a federal balanced budget constitutional amendment.


Obama Deficits Will Exceed Previous Deficits



How to Fix the Economy (Audio)

Slate and Newsweek columnist Daniel Gross joined me to talk about all the deficit hysteria out there as well as what needs to be done to move the economy in the right direction. Audio after […]


US Trade Deficit Widens To $42.3 Billion In May

The U.S. trade deficit widened in May to the highest level in 18 months


Tonight: Texas Senator to Question Kagan, Stimulus Debate Heats Up, and more…

It looks to be another busy broadcast on Monday night, with not nearly enough time to get to everything I want to discuss in our two hours together.  I’ll try my best, though.   Some of […]