Dallas Democrats Call For DA Susan Hawk's ResignationHawk returned to work Thursday after taking an absence to receive treatment for depression.
Clinton Seeks To Organize Latino VotersHillary Clinton's campaign is planning a major push with an eye toward connecting with Hispanics.
Hillary's Campaign To Get Boost From BillAfter largely staying in the background this summer as Hillary Rodham Clinton kicked off her second campaign for president, former President Bill Clinton is ready to take on a more active and public role in his wife's second bid for the White House.
Clinton Adds Details To Prescription Drug PlanHillary Rodham Clinton is laying out a new plan to rein in the rising cost of prescription drugs, seeking to build upon President Barack Obama's health care law.
Chelsea Surprised More People Don't Like HillaryChelsea Clinton said Tuesday it's surprising to hear her mom is slipping in the polls because she's "my hero."
Sanders Courts Conservative Christian StudentsIn an unlikely appearance at a prominent Christian university, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Monday the "massive injustice" of income and wealth inequality should unite people across the political spectrum.
Biden Not Sure He Can Commit To PresidencyVice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he is overwhelmed at times by his son's death and unconvinced that he could commit fully to being the nation's next leader.
Clinton Apologizes For Email ControversyAfter resisting apologizing for using a personal email account run on a private server to conduct government business as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton shifted course Tuesday.
Clinton Not Apologizing For Private EmailHillary Clinton said on Monday that she does not need to apologize for using a private email account and server while at the State Department because "what I did was allowed."
Biden Stays Close To Obama, Pondering 2016 RunExploring a presidential campaign, Vice President Joe Biden is presenting himself as a natural heir to President Obama's policies, previewing his potential pitch to voters.
Clinton Emails Show Frustrations With EmailAides to Hillary Clinton complained about the limitations of using email to discuss sensitive diplomatic information, according to the latest batch of her released emails.
2016 Candidates Struggle With Past DistractionsIt wasn't supposed to be this way. Nearly six months out from the first votes of a presidential campaign, candidates should be fleshing out who they are and what they stand for.