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Accused Killer Jumps Off Bridge

A man charged with killing his wife last month in McKinney, Eric Merz, has committed suicide. Police have confirmed with CBS 11 that Merz jumped off a bridge Sunday at Hwy 121 and Hwy 75.

CBS 11–04/28/2013


A Rare Medium Well Done: 2.26.13

The beast never reveals its identity. He comes in many forms. He may have the face of a gnome. Or maybe a gremlin. It’s depression.

105.3 The Fan–02/26/2013

Young Greggo

A Rare Medium Well Done: 12.4.12

I understand the devastating affects of mental illness. I would later myself be diagnosed with depression. I educated myself on the disease. I have a deeper understanding of death and how it can rip apart all that is good.


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Mom’s Depression May Affect Kid’s Height

It is no secret that a child’s height may be influenced by their parents. But new research suggests that mom’s emotional state after giving birth may also contribute to a child’s height.


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Family Remembers Local Marine’s PTSD Struggle

The memories of the battles he fought in Iraq came home, to Fairview, with Corporal Gregory Schneider. It was the long, confidential conversations he had with his father that helped Schneider rise above the darkness that overwhelmed him after his return.

CBS 11–05/28/2012

Junior Seau

Arnie Spanier:The NFL Needs To Protect It’s Players

Arnie thinks the NFL needs to do something and be more concerned about protecting it’s players.


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Local Doctor Talks X-Rays, Teen Moms, Junk Food

Dr. Crystal Foster talks about a link between dental x-rays and brain tumors, a decline in teen birth rates, and junk food leading to depression.


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Study Says Junk Food Can Lead To Depression

Most Americans love junk food. But a new study found that such foods can do more than expand your waistline, they can also affect your brain.


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Examining The Broad Reach Of Depression

Here’s something really depressing. The Centers for Disease Control says that roughly one in 10 Americans is depressed.


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Treating Depression: Is There A Placebo Effect?

Prescriptions for antidepressants have soared, with 17 million Americans taking some form of drug. But how much good is the medication actually doing?


A man suffers from depression. (credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Vitamin D Can Help You Battle The Winter Blues

The winter blues may not just be in your head. You could be depressed because your body is running low on something you get more often in the summer.


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Study Says Overtime Work Doubles Depression Risk

A new study finds that working long hours — regardless of job stress or satisfaction — increases a person’s risk for depression.