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Warning About Drones Used In Terrorist Attacks

A bulletin went out Friday and warned drones could be used in the U.S. to advance terrorist and criminal activities.



Facebook Ready To Test Giant Drone For Internet Service

Facebook says it will begin test flights later this year of a solar-powered drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737, the next stage of its campaign to deliver Internet service to remote parts of the world.


Flooding Johnson County (1)

Drone Technology Used To Train Texas Flooding Responders

Drone technology will be part of a Texas A&M University seminar for emergency responders dealing with deadly flooding like the disastrous May storms.


Drones All The Rage In Hobby Community

Whether you know them as Drones or Quadcopters, the remote controlled flying objects have become very popular lately.


Quad copter prepared for takeoff in Parker County.
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Drones Help Parker County Scope Out Flood Damage

The drones can see buildings and dwellings that are impossible to view from the road.


A drone prototype equiped with a GoPro camera     (Photo by JEAN PIERRE CLATOT/AFP/Getty Images)

GoPro To Enter Drone, Virtual Reality Markets

The company already dominates the action video camera market and its entry into the fast-growing field of drones and virtual reality sent shares up 3 percent early Thursday.


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Testing Of Drones In South Texas Expanded To Border, Forests

A South Texas university’s drone research has been expanded to include air traffic, border oversight and fire prevention.


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Drone Wars At The Cavanaugh Flight Museum

The business of drones is rapidly becoming the next big thing. From Amazon delivery drones to search and rescue drones, they are coming.


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Drones Must Learn To Navigate Populated Areas

For drones to make it to the big time, they will need to learn to get around in towns and cities — without falling on car hoods or crashing into pedestrians.


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FAA Grants Permits For Agriculture, Real Estate Drones

The FAA issued permits to use drones to monitor crops and photograph properties for sale, marking the first time permission has been granted to companies involved in agriculture and real estate.


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Congress Likely To Make Key Decisions On Drones

The Obama administration is on the verge of proposing long-awaited rules for commercial drone operations in U.S. skies, but key decisions on how much access to grant drones are likely to come from Congress.


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Poll: Americans Skeptical Of Commercial Drones

Americans say they are skeptical that the benefits of the heralded drone revolution will outweigh the risks to privacy and safety.