Drug Enforcement Administration

Prescription Pills

Event Lets You Dispose Of Old Pills & Medications

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) wants you to get rid of any old prescription drugs this weekend. Saturday, October 29, is “Prescription Drug Take Back Day”.


Picture 13

Mexican Cartels Taking Over Some North Texas Homes

Picture the perfect North Texas neighborhood. They are children running along the streets. The houses have beautiful lawns with manicured shrubbery. Big trees line the sidewalks. College fans show their true colors by flying flags showing their favorite teams.



Legal Amphetamine Sneaking Into North Texas Under Guise Of Bath Salts

North Texas health officials are concerned about a currently legal chemical that has begun surfacing in stores and online in the form of bath salts. Some users have ended up in the emergency room after snorting or smoking it.

CBS 11–11/30/2010