Drug War

A man rolls a marijuana joint. (credit: Sion Touhig/Getty Images)

Parents Take Class To Learn How To Spot The Signs Of Drug Use

Parents, not students, got an education on drug use at Highland Park Middle School. The goal was to teach parents how to spot signs of possible drug use in their own homes.

CBS 11–10/22/2013

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Robertson’s Pro Pot Stance Has Local Support

Pat Robertson’s recent comments in support of the legalization of marijuana are now getting support from some religious leaders in North Texas.


liquid meth

$10M Of Liquid Meth Found Inside Truck At Arlington Taco Bell

An international investigation ended at an Arlington Taco Bell with a $10 Million discovery inside a gas tank.


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Cocaine Sentencing Change Means Early Release For Some

More than 200 federal prison inmates in North Texas may soon be released. The move comes because of a new law that erases the sentencing disparity between those convicted of offenses involving crack versus powdered cocaine.


How is the Mexican Drug War Affecting Texas? (Audio)

Many thanks to Nate Blakeslee at Texas Monthly for joining me to talk about his reporting on this issue. 


Texas Border Community Fearful of Drug War Violence (Audio)

CBS News Correspondent August Skamenca traveled to Zapata County, Texas, where Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez has said he fears for his own life as the violence on the south side of the Rio Grande intensifies.  Audio […]