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NFL Reportedly Wants Stronger DUI Punishment

A pair of recent DUI arrests involving an NFL player has ramped up the consternation with drinking-and-driving behavior for football players.


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NFL Reminding Employees About DUI Dangers

The NFL will soon communicate with clubs to be vigilant about cautioning everyone — not just players, but all team employees — that this is a dangerous time for potential DUI offenses.


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Blackmon Due In Oklahoma Court On DUI Charge

Jacksonville Jaguars first-round draft pick receiver Justin Blackmon is due in court after he was arrested on an aggravated DUI charge this weekend in Oklahoma.


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Texas DPS Ups Anti-DWI Efforts During Spring Break

The Texas Department of Public Safety has increased anti-DWI efforts during spring break.


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TxDOT Ad Has Santa Sending Drinking & Driving Message

TxDOT has launched a new campaign to try and keep people from drinking and driving. The public service announcement shows Santa unhappy when he finds his reindeer throwing back beers and martinis, so he opts for a fleet of taxis to pull his sleigh.


A man is given a field sobriety test after he was stopped by police officers. (credit: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

North Texas Law Enforcement Kicking Up Anti-Drunk Driving Efforts

It’s the time of year when police have to deal with more tipsy drivers so, law enforcement agencies across North Texas are stepping up drunk driving enforcement, beginning this week.


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Study: Alcohol Abuse Increases As Economy Worsens

Texas leads the nation in drunk driving crashes and fatalities, with more than 96,000 Texas DUI arrests in 2010. Now a new study says, as the economy gets worse, so will the problem of drinking driving.


A woman walks the white line during a field sobriety test. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Preparations For 1st Statewide 4th Of July “No Refusal” Weekend

The Fourth of July weekend is reportedly one of the deadliest holiday weekends on Texas roads. This year law enforcement agencies have united to enforce a statewide “no refusal” weekend.


A police officer adminsters a breathalizer test to a woman that was stopped by officers at a DUI checkpoint. (credit: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan)

More Than 1,100 Texas DWI Arrests Over Holidays

Texas troopers arrested more than 1,100 drivers in a DWI crackdown during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.


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