Electric power transmission

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Man Electrocuted In Arlington After Losing Grip Trimming Tree

A 30-year-old man was killed Monday afternoon after he lost his grip trimming a tree and grabbed hold of a power line.


A man on a repair crew uses a chain saw to clear a tree downed on a power line. (credit: Getty Images/Stan Honda/AFP)

Oncor To Modify Residential Tree Trimming Policy

An agreement between Sen. John Corona (R – Dallas) and Oncor may soon end a longtime battle between Texas homeowners and the electric company over what some perceive as excessive tree trimming.


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Boys Still Recovering After Being Shocked By Downed Power Line

Austin Stewart has come a long way in a short time. The 14-year-old has no trouble joking around and laughing, but that laughter quickly fades when he talks about how he’s feeling: Two weeks ago, Austin almost died.

CBS 11–11/03/2010