(credit: Denton County Sheriff’s Office)

Man Nearly Electrocuted Trying To Steal Utility Pole Copper

A suspected copper thief is hospitalized at Parkland Hospital after being electrocuted in Denton County. Officials say 24-year-old James Johnson was committing the crime on Sunday, near Aubery, when he was seriously burned.


(credit: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

Tree Trimmer Dies In Power Line Electrocution

A tree trimmer in Fort Worth was killed Monday morning. The man was apparently working at a home on Warren Lane when he was electrocuted.


Jens Gardner was electrocuted while working on Christmas Lights.  (Photo credit Texas Dept. of Public Safety)

Grand Prairie Man Electrocuted While Hanging Christmas Lights

The man was moving a ladder which fell into power lines.


Copper Thief Electrocuted

 A 49 year old man who apparently was trying to steal copper from a utility pole was electrocuted this weekend in Fort Worth.  Robert Hall’s body was found underneath the pole in an empty lot […]