fire department

Flames from a burning fire. (credit: Getty Images/Paul Ellis/AFP)

Neighbors Try To Rescue Elderly Local Woman From House Fire

An elderly Fort Worth man runs outside and screams his wife is ‘on fire’ and neighbors come to the rescue.


The aftermath of a fire at the Covington Fire Dept. on Feb. 12, 2011. (Courtesy: City of Covington)

Blaze Destroys Hill County Town’s Fire Department Building

In a supreme example of tragic irony, a debilitating fire broke out at the fire department in the Hill County town of Covington Saturday, prompting the mayor to call it a “total loss.”


Firefighter Arrested For Selling Steroids

The wife of a Dallas firefighter says her husband is not the steroids dealer police in Allen say he is.


Fireman Dies From Off Duty Fall

A Lancaster fireman has died from injuries in an off-duty accident, leaving the city grieving the second death of a public servant in the past month.