Glenn W. Smith

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Announces His Candidacy For The GOP Presidential Nomination

Strategists From Across The Aisle React To Perry’s Announcement

If President Obama wore boots, like Rick Perry does, now would be the time to shake in them. Republican primary voters now have a candidate in Perry that they can not only be excited about, but who actually has a shot at beating Mr. Obama for the White House.


The Politics of the Spill (Audio)

During my stay in New Orleans to cover the crisis in the Gulf, I ran into one of our regular contributors:  Glenn W. Smith. 


Tonight at 7pm: Obama Pushes Immigration Reform, This is the Day "Pre-Existing" Becomes Meaningless, and more…

A huge day for huge stories and we’ll once again delve into as many as possible during my two hours with you on the radio. At 7:05: President Obama’s outline for immigration reform.   So far, […]