Gregg Williams

Greggo worships at the alter of Ruth

RAGE is broadcasting live from NYC as the Rangers battle the Yankees in the ALCS.


Boomer Sooner!

Oklahoma might have beat up the Longhorns this weekend but good ‘ole Richie Whitt is NOT happy with the Sooner faithful. What does the House of Blues, a giant Scooby Doo and a table all […]


Rangers in the playoffs!

Over the weekend, the Rangers discovered that their first round opponent is going to be the Tampa Bay Rays. So are the Rays on the way up or down? Greggo has a strong opinion on […]


Greggo's Alive!

It’s a known fact that Greggo never leaves the third floor of his condo. But wait, on Tuesday night, Greggo walked out the door, got into a car and was gone for more than five […]


Cowboys Proper

How should the Cowboys go about their play calling on Sunday against the Bears? Embrace your RAGE. Plus, there’s some big station shake-ups in regards to the Cowboys broadcast. Get the news, FAN fans!