Baby Greggo

A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.29.12

Don’t fool yourself. This game was not lost on the outstretched digitis secundus manus of Dez Bryant. The fingerprints of this defeat were lifted much earlier.



A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.25.12

The news from Jerry’s Kremlin compound is devastating. Tremendous LB Sean Lee is lost for the season with a toe injury. He is arguably the Former Dallas Cowboy’s best defensive player.


Dallas Cowboys v Carolina Panthers

A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.22.12

In the dictator, TASS-like information dispensing ways of Valley Ranch these days, it is determined that releasing the final score is permissible.


Greggo, Dallas Cowboys Training Camp (155)

A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.19.12

The fall of former DFW denizen Lance Armstrong is mighty and hard. With overwhelming evidence that he did in fact dope while biking, he is now toxic. Gone are the lavish endorsements. Gone is his reputation.


Delonte BBQ

Fish Toons

Mike Fisher is multi-talented. Take a look at his recent works.

105.3 The Fan–10/17/2012


A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.16.12

Noted essayist Samuel Butler wrote, “the best liar is he who makes the smallest amount of lying go the longest way”. And that begs the question: why do we accept lies from people of great importance?



A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.15.12

Baltimore’s insane-lunatic/brilliant-dramatist once scribbled: “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.’


Young Greggo

A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.11.12

The Arlington nine head into the off-season with many question marks. Who stays? And who goes? The safe bet is Josh Hamilton is long gone. And look for some potentially big trades.


A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.8.12

As Bill Shakespeare’s Hamlet would say…”it should not have come to this”



A Rare Medium Well Done: 10.5.12

well..the arlington nine have put themselves in a giant pickle jar..blowing a mindboggling lead in the al west and allowing the swinging a’s to run down the division.


The Fan, Texas Motorplex (187)

A Rare Medium Well Done: 9.24.12

the old saying I’d true…”I’d rather be lucky than good”..that ancient adage is certified platinum for Jerry’s merry men…squeaking by the tampa bucs was much harder than anticipated.


Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks

Garrett Sounds Off On Tate Fine & Player Safety

“I was a little surprised during the game that it wasn’t called, and something else was called on the sideline, but those things happen fast” the coach told 105.3 The Fan during his weekly radio show.