heat wave

American Red Cross logo. (credit: AP Graphics)

Donations Needed For Red Cross Hydration Supplies

The drought and extreme North Texas heat has caused a water crisis for the local American Red Cross. Now the agency is the one asking for assistance from the public to help replenish their water supply for firefighters and police.


Water drops from a pipe. (credit: Sascha Schuermann/AFP/Getty Images)

Water Back On In Kemp

After days with no water, almost all of the residents and businesses in Kemp once again have water.


A bull tries to escape a running wildfire on April 19, 2011 in Graford, Texas. (credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Texas Hits Record 249 Counties With Burn Bans

The Texas Forest Service said that a record 249 counties have outdoor burn bans as the Texas heat wave and drought continue.


(credit: AP Graphics)

Do Higher Temperatures = Higher Crime Rates?

It’s long been thought that there is a direct correlation between hot weather and an increase in crime. But one local expert doesn’t think it’s that cut and dry.


A driver at a trash processing facility. (credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Outside Workers Bear The Brunt Of Texas Heat Wave

Some workers on Dallas garbage trucks call this stretch of summer “Hell’s Kitchen.” Thursday a CBS 11 News crew met three of those workers who say in this heat they have to have each others backs.


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Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After A/C Stolen

A 79-year-old Oak Cliff woman succumbs to the North Texas heat and dies in her home just two days after reporting to police that her central air conditioner had been stolen.


A thermometer shows temperature at over 100 degrees. (credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Officials: Electricity Conservation Can Prevent Rolling Blackouts

The state’s electric grid operator is trying to prevent rolling blackouts this week, but they say it’s up to consumers to make it happen.


Members of a high school marching band practice. (credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Heat Wave Has Marching Bands Stepping In Earlier Time

High school band camps started this week in many North Texas school districts. But this year the extreme heat has led to changes for what is usually a regimented schedule.


Heat Wave 1980

We Can Beat 1980, But Do We Want To?

During the summer of 1980 the nation wanted to know ‘Who shot JR?’ The ‘Empire’ was striking back at the movie theater, and in North Texas the greatest heat wave on record was in full force.


The hot noonday sun shines through power lines. (credit: Gerard Burkhart/AFP/Getty Images)

Health Concerns Increase As North Texas Temps Rise

This year there has only been one heat-related death in Tarrant County, but there have been nine in Dallas. With forecasters predicting record-breaking heat this week, health workers are concerned the numbers will increase.


The hot noonday sun shines through power lines. (credit: Gerard Burkhart/AFP/Getty Images)

Heat-Related Illnesses On The Rise, Just Like The Temperature

With yet another day of triple digit weather, hospitals are seeing an increase in the number of patients suffering from heat-related illnesses.


The sun shines over towers carrying electical lines. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

100 Degree Streak Could End Today

We might not reach 100 degrees in DFW today. But it will still be hot and miserable.