Hollywood Shuffle: Prostate ExamsWho's getting prostate exams on live TV and proof that Will Ferrell is a great car salesman are the topics in this edition of the Pop Pop Fun Time Party.
Hollywood ShuffleIt's the latest in the world of entertainment - covering all the angles from radio, tv, movies, the internet and more. The guys also talk about the passing of a legendary Wes Anderson movie character.
Hollywood Shuffle: Brendan Sings AdeleThe crew has the official pre game show for the next episode of Breaking Bad, and KT uncovers some audio of Brendan singing an Adele song in Scott Stapp voice.
Hollywood Shuffle: Hot Woman ListsBased off a survey on AshleyMadison.com, KT tries to pry answers from Ben, Skin, and Brendan on who is on their Top 5 hottest women list.
Hollywood Shuffle: Hitchhiking Dave MatthewsKT takes crap from the rest of the crew for confessing his everlasting love to Dave Matthews.
Hollywood Shuffle: Loch Ness Monster, SharknadoKT tells the story about Charlie Sheen going on a search for the Loch Ness Monster with former Rangers 3rd baseman Todd Zeile, and also previews the made for television movie Sharknado.
Hollywood Shuffle - Creepy MLB PitcherAn unorthodox version of the Hollywood Shuffle as the crew dives into the story of maybe the creepiest MLB pitcher of all-time
Hollywood Shuffle: John Travolta EditionJohn Travolta reveals that the movie 'Flight' was written just for him, but he refused the role. Also, it's the birthday of Tom Hanks and Jack White, so yay America!
Hollywood Shuffle: A New Job For Paula Deen?KT tells the story of Paula Deen's new job offer to work in the adult entertainment industry, but the highlight of the segment comes at the end when professional broadcasters Jeff "Skin" Wade and Ben Rogers have a hard time sending it to commercial.