WATCH ONLINE: Funeral services for Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth

Hunt County Texas

Three Hunt County women have been arrested for tampering with evidence. The charges are believed to be connected with the murder of 16-year-old Alicia Moore, whose body was found stuffed in a trunk in Van Zandt County in 2012. Arrested are Laura Ard (L), Natalie Reynolds (M), and Rebekah Ross (R).

Arrest Of Social Workers Bring Questions About Teen’s Murder

They are supposed to protect children when no one else can, but now a CPS supervisor, along with a retired case worker and another woman are under arrest. The charges may be connected to a murder investigation.


Hunt County FBI Raid

Suspect Shoots At FBI During Hunt County Raid

An early-morning FBI raid on a house in Northeast Texas ends with the suspects shooting at federal agents.


Arby Little Soldier stands with the remaining buffalos on his land in rural Hunt County. In April, a purebred white buffalo was killed. (Credit: Bud Gillett/KTVT)

Slain Buffalo’s Owner Upset With Investigation

Once proclaimed as a symbol of peace, a white purebred buffalo born naturally into Arby Little Soldier’s herd in rural Hunt County was killed alongside its mother last April.


Chief Hiawatha, a rare white buffalo being sent to North Texas (Credit: Cynthia Hart-Button/Sacred World Peace Alliance)

New White Buffalo Being Given To Hunt County Ranch

Two weeks after the death of a rare white buffalo, Native Americans gathered for a pow wow to celebrate what would have been the calf’s first birthday.


The location of the Live Oak Apartments in Commerce, which were sued by the city for improperly disposing of asbestos. (Credit: Google Maps)

Commerce Sues Property For Poorly Disposed Asbestos

The city of Commerce has filed a lawsuit against a New Orleans-based management company alleging that it improperly disposed of asbestos debris discovered three years ago in an apartment complex it owns.


Greenville, TX in Hunt County. (Courtesy: Google Maps)

Leaking Barrels Still Puzzle Hunt County Officials

On Wednesday, newly installed Hunt County Commissioner Jay Atkins called a roped-off area near the county’s Precinct 2 Road and Bridge Barn an active crime scene.


Greenville, TX in Hunt County. (Courtesy: Google Maps)

Hunt County Officials Question Sheriff’s Use Of Deputies During Storm

Two Hunt County officials continue to raise concerns that Sheriff Randy Meeks inappropriately dispatched his deputies to help save furniture in his home from rising flood waters while many residents requested emergency assistance during a severe storm in May 2009.