Fort Hood Shooting Victim Identified As Soldier From New YorkAn Iraq War veteran from western New York is among the 16 people wounded during a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas.
Iraq War Veteran Jessica Lynch "Pitches" Perseverance As soon as her name came over the loudspeaker and her name appeared on the scoreboard at the September 11th Rangers game, the crowd came to their feet and cheered for Jessica Lynch.
PSY Apologizes For Anti-US Protests In 2004Park Jae-sang performs as PSY and issued a statement Friday after reports surfaced that he had participated in concerts protesting the U.S. military presence in South Korea
Obama Marks Iraq War Anniversary In TexasPresident Obama is serving up an election-year reminder that he ended the Iraq war, visiting a Texas military base two years after he formally declared the end of the U.S. combat mission.
Family Remembers Local Marine's PTSD StruggleThe memories of the battles he fought in Iraq came home, to Fairview, with Corporal Gregory Schneider. It was the long, confidential conversations he had with his father that helped Schneider rise above the darkness that overwhelmed him after his return.
Afghan & Iraq Wars Take Huge Toll On Plano FamilyIt’s America’s first war to last a decade and it began 10 years ago today. October 7 also marks the day that the course of a Plano family was changed forever.
Denton Soldier Surprises Kids With Holiday Trip HomeTwo young brothers in Denton got an unexpected Christmas gift from their dad Thursday.
Veteran Fearful Of City Putting His Dog To SleepIraq War veteran Steven Woods said he has his 4-year-old pitbull Mimi to thank for helping him cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.