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Gas pump

IRS Increases Gas Mileage Deduction In Midyear

The Internal Revenue Service is increasing the tax deduction motorists can take for using private vehicles for business, a rare midyear move sparked by high gas prices.


A man protesting the IRS crashed his small plane into the side of an Austin building on February 18, 2010. (credit: AP Photo)

Repairs Continue 1 Year After Austin Plane Crash

A building where a tax protester killed himself by flying his small plane into the structure continues to be repaired a year later.


Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

IRS Seeks Texans Due $12 Million In Undelivered Refund Checks

The Internal Revenue Service is looking to return $12 million to Texans in undelivered refund checks.


IRS Cutting Costs by Eliminating Mailings

The IRS plans to save themselves almost $10 million next year by discontinuing sending out tax return forms and information by mail.