Jury Duty

(credit: Juan Rivera)

Former President George W. Bush Arrives For Jury Duty In Dallas

Well, I guess no one is immune! Former President George W. Bush was called for jury duty. The former Leader of the Free World made his way to the Dallas County Courthouse Wednesday.


(Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Juror No. 15: Texas Gov. Abbott Reports To Austin Jury Duty

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s return to a courtroom had nothing to do with suing Washington.


Empty seats for jurors in a courtroom. (credit: AP Photo)

Officials: Beware Of Tarrant County Jury Duty Scam

The Tarrant County DA’s office is warning residents about an ongoing telephone scam that can trick people into paying phony fines to avoid being arrested for missing jury duty.


Judge jails Jose Bocanegra Jr. for skipping jury duty. (credit: Tarrant Co. Sheriff’s Dept.)

North Texas Man Jailed For Skipping Jury Duty

A North Texas man pushed his luck one too many times trying to avoid jury duty. Efforts to avoid doing his civic duty have landed Jose Bocanegra Jr. behind bars.


Empty seats for jurors in a courtroom. (credit: AP Photo)

Texas Changing Jury Duty Pay Requirements

Jury duty in Texas is about to become even more unpopular and it’s all due to budget cuts made during the last legislative session. Beginning Wednesday, the state is dropping the amount it kicks in to pay jurors.


Empty seats for jurors in a courtroom. (credit: AP Photo)

Judge: Parker County Residents Not Showing Up For Jury Duty

Parker County Judge Trey Loftin says residents are skipping out on Jury Duty, putting the county’s justice system in jeopardy.


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Super Bowl Eases Jury Duty In Fort Worth

Super Bowl is the excuse why some potential jurors aren’t needed in Fort Worth this week.