Islamic Leaders Explain What Sparks Anger

North Texas Muslim leaders say they feel Sunday’s Muhammad Art Exhibit was designed to offend.


(credit: AFP/Getty Images)

North Texas Reaction To Deadly Libyan Protests

UTA Associate Professor Brent Sasley suggests Americans understand that we do not have the influence it once had.


"Dude, you have no Koran" Goes Viral

The internet has a new hero, namely  Amarillo skateboarder Jacob Isom who single-handedly stopped a Koran burning in an Amarillo park


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Exciting times this weekend here in the Metroplex as we kick off Cowboys Football . I can’t wait to see what the Boys look like against McNabb and the Skins and the introduction of Mr. […]


Mondays With Carl (Audio)

Monday nights at 8:05, nationally known political analyst Carl Jeffers joins me to break down the biggest political stories of the week.¬† Since yesterday was Labor Day, we decided to visit with Carl on Tuesday […]