ISIS Calls For North Texas Imam's AssassinationThreatened for his faith, a North Texas imam has found himself the target of ISIS after a new video recently surfaced calling for his assassination.
Man Arrested For Making Terroristic Threats In DentonDenton County deputies, police and security took an Iraqi man into custody at a Denton courts building after a loud outburst and two run-ins with people previously that had police issuing a warrant for his arrest.
Man Arrested In Denton County For Terroristic ThreatsPolice in Denton have arrested a man who is believed to have been making terroristic threats on Wednesday morning. When turned away from the courthouse, he allegedly told officers "anybody who touches me is going to bleed."
Islamic Leaders Explain What Sparks AngerNorth Texas Muslim leaders say they feel Sunday's Muhammad Art Exhibit was designed to offend.
North Texas Reaction To Deadly Libyan ProtestsUTA Associate Professor Brent Sasley suggests Americans understand that we do not have the influence it once had.
"Dude, you have no Koran" Goes Viral
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