Trailer For "The Jungle Book"Today's Viral Video - It’s the first trailer for the new live action version of the Disney classic 'The Jungle Book.'
Viral Video: Weather Girl Scared By SpiderToday's Viral Video shows British Columbia Meteorologist Kristi Gordon being surprised by a spider on the weather camera as she did her Noon News forecast.
Viral Video: What's After Happily Ever After?A parody take on what happened AFTER happily ever after.
Viral Video: A Live Version Of "Toy Story"Check out this live action version of "Toy Story" that was posted online. And it's not just a trailer. It's the entire movie, performed using the toys sold in stores.
Viral Video: "Friday" Producer Is BackThe producer of Rebecca Black’s Friday… is back.
Viral Video: 2012 Music MashupThis year has featured a lot of great music, and some hits that might be embarrassing to hear again in five years. Check out this mashup of the music of 2012.
Viral Video: Can't Touch This, Obama RemixYou Can’t Touch This – President Obama
Viral Video: Tom Hanks Poetry SlamTom Hanks Performs His Slam Poetry
KRLD Viral Video: 9.25.12Marching band… Gangnam Style
KRLD Viral Video: 9-21-12Who better to make NFL predictions than a two year old named Olive.
KRLD Viral Video: 9.20.12Proof that cats are better than dogs
KRLD Viral Video: 9.18.12Set the campaign to auto-tune.