Texas Frightmare Weekend

This Friday through Sunday is the 10th Annual “Texas Frightmare Weekend” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel inside DFW Airport. JD Ryan is Around Town with the grisly details!


Fresh watermelons are seen for sale insi

Aluminum Casting In A Watermelon

What happens when you pour molten aluminum into a watermelon? One guy gave it a shot and unintentionally created a work of art.


(Photo by KARIM SAHIB/AFP/GettyImages)

Base Jumping In Dubai

A group of athletes was given permission to base jump from the world’s second highest residential structure. The views from the Princess Tower in the heart of the Dubai Marina are stunning.


Chris Pratt (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Nonsense Karaoke With Chris Pratt

Actor Chris Pratt joins Jimmy Fallon to perform well-known songs like “Uptown Funk”. The lyrics, however, are complete nonsense.


Cocoa Nib

11th Annual Grapevine ChocolateFest

Our love affair with chocolate goes back in recorded history to at least 1750 B.C. This weekend’s Grapevine ChocolateFest will be a celebration of all things delicious.


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Man Catches Free-Falling Drone

Drones can be operated remotely — that is, until they lose power. One man went to drastic measures to keep his powerless, free-falling drone from meeting certain death on the beach.


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Magician Wows Judges On Britain’s Got Talent

Some fake money and a deck of cards. That’s all contestant Jamie Raven needed to wow the judges and advance in Britain’s Got Talent.


Jurassic Fair Park (credit: KTVT/Teresa Frosini)

“Jurassic World” Trailer Previews Chaos At Park

Steven Spielberg returns to direct the next installment in the Jurassic Park series. This time, the newest attraction gets out of control and wreaks havoc on the island.



“Batman V Superman” Trailer Released

Two of the most powerful super heroes are no longer united in their desire to battle evil. The two are pitted against each other in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”


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Russian Comedy Group Parodies Lip Sync Sketch

A trio of Australian women put together a lip-sync video in their car — it went viral. Now, a Russian comedy group is doing their best impression.


Marvel's Hall H Panel For "Ant-Man"

Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Trailer Unveiled

Comedy, action and special effects. The “Ant-Man” trailer starring Paul Rudd has all of it. The movie hits theaters on July 17.


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Tinder In The 1980s

The dating app Tinder is popular now, but what if it had been created in the 1980s? The technology would provide a much different — and less efficient — dating platform.