Life Expectancy

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Doctor Talks Smokers, Menopause, Cynicism

Dr. Crystal Fosters looks at some of the latest medical headlines including the life expectancy of smokers, a new way to ease menopause symptoms, and a link between cynicism and dementia.


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Doctor Talks OCD, Superbugs, Life Expectancy

Dr. Crystal Foster talks about some of the latest medical headlines, including OCD amongst new mothers, scares about superbugs, and dropping life expectancy for some women.


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Violence Plays Role In Shorter U.S. Life Expectancy

A new report says the U.S. suffers more violent deaths than any other wealthy nation, due in part to the widespread possession of firearms and the practice of storing them at home in a place that is often unlocked.


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Blood Sample May Predict When You’re Going To Die

A blood test that measures how quickly a person is aging could let some sick people know if they are dying faster than others.


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Life Expectancy Slips, Stroke Dips To No. 4 Killer

A new government report shows U.S. life expectancy has dropped slightly after mostly inching up over the years.