Lip Reading

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Trending: NFL Bad Lip Reading 2015

Ever wonder what football players and coaches are saying on the field and sidelines?


Head Coach John Fox congratulates Peyton Manning #18 of the Denver Broncos after a touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium on October 6, 2013 in Arlington, Texas.  The Broncos defeated the Cowboys 51-48.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Viral Video: Bad NFL Lip Reading

Ever wonder what the NFL players and coaches are saying on the sidelines? This video tries to read their lips. It’s almost certainly not accurate, but it is hilarious.



Viral Video: A Bad Lip Reading Of Beyonce

BeyoncĂ© has already taken a lot of grief for lip-syncing the National Anthem at the Inauguration. Here’s a look at what she was actually singing by reading her lips.



Viral Video: Bad Lip Reading In The NFL

Reading lips is a challenging task for anyone. But in this viral video, they figure out what NFL coaches and players are really saying to each other on the field.


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Study: Babies Try Lip-Reading In Learning To Talk

Babies don’t learn to talk just from hearing sounds. New research suggests they’re lip-readers too. It happens during the stage when a baby’s babbling gradually changes from gibberish to syllables.