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NHL Says It’s Sorry To Fans In Newspaper Ads

Echoing last week’s remarks by Commissioner Gary Bettman, the NHL is using full-page newspaper ads Thursday to tell fans it’s sorry for the lockout that delayed the season and trimmed the schedule from 82 games to 48.


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NHL Unanimously Ratifies New CBA

The NHL unanimously ratified the new CBA on Wednesday. The last step remaining towards an official start to the 2012-13 season will be the NHLPA’s ratification.


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NHL Owners To Vote On Contract

If a majority approves, as expected, the NHL will move one step closer toward the official end of the lockout.


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NHL Says 48-Game Regular Season Is ‘Most Likely’

The NHL shortened its 82-game slate to 48 games during the 1994-95 season after a 103-day lockout. A 301-day lockout in 2004-05 made the NHL the first major North American professional sports league to lose an entire season.


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NHL’s Next Step Is Winning Back Hardened Fans

Flyers owner Ed Snider had a simple message on the day the NHL lockout ended: Welcome back, NHL fans.


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Proud Players Thrilled That Hockey Is Back

Flyers All-Star Claude Giroux received the wakeup call he waited to hear for 113 days. Locked out for months, the NHL was indeed ready to drop the puck.


NHL Media Availability

NHL, Union Reach tentative Agreement

With the season on the line, the NHL and the players’ association agreed on a tentative pact to end a 113-day lockout and save what was left of a fractured schedule.


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Mediation To Continue In NHL Talks

A federal mediator bridged the widening gap between the NHL and the NHLPA during 12 hours of talks, without getting the fighting sides in the same room.


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NHL Lockout: Full-Scale Negotiations Resume

After meeting and exchanging proposals for three days in a row, the NHL and NHLPA worked through mediators on Thursday and will resume full-scale negotiations on Friday.


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NHL Lockout: Union Submits Another Offer

The NHL and NHLPA met twice on Wednesday as they continue negotiations toward a new CBA, with the union submitting another offer to the league.


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NHL Lockout: League Responds To Union

For the second time in as many days, the NHL and NHLPA gathered for a face-to-face meeting in New York City to share proposals in the seemingly never-ending CBA negotiations.


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NHL Lockout: Union Presents Counteroffer

The NHL players’ union presented a counteroffer to the league Monday in the latest attempt to resolve a lockout and start a shortened season.