2012 NHL All-Star Game - NHL Fan Fair

NHL Makes New Offer To Players

The NHL says it has made a new contract offer to the players in an attempt to end the lockout and save the season.


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Still No Progress In NHL Meetings

The NHL and the NHLPA met with federal mediators for a second straight day Thursday, but the meetings apparently were unproductive again.


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Hockey Fans Fed Up With NHL Labor Strife

This time – whenever the lockout ends – the league might be all out of tricks. They’ll need to dig. And it could take years to recover from the wreckage.


2012 NHL All-Star Game - NHL Fan Fair

AP Source: NHL Cancels Games Through Dec. 30

A person familiar with the decision says the NHL has canceled all games through Dec. 30.


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NHL Rejects Offer From Players

The NHL rejected the most recent offer from players for a collective bargaining agreement on Thursday, causing talks between the two sides to be suspended indefinitely.


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NHL Players & Owners Set To Meet Again

Expectations for Tuesday’s meeting involving a select group of owners and players were low, and there was even a sense that perhaps the players would be in over their heads during the talks and that it would be a waste of everyone’s time.


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NHL Talks Resume With Owners, Players Meeting

With the lockout lingering into another week, the NHL labor talks are set to resume Tuesday with six owners and six players scheduled to meet while a couple of key figures remain on the sidelines of the negotiations.


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NHL Lockout Mediation Ends With No Progress

The NHL and the NHLPA met with federal mediators for a second day on Thursday in an attempt to spur negotiations towards a new CBA, but the news was far from promising.


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NHL, Union Get Back To Bargaining With Mediators

With the help of federal mediators, the NHL and the players’ association got back to bargaining Wednesday after a week apart.


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US Federal Mediators To Join NHL Labor Talks

Federal mediators are entering the stalled NHL labor talks, with the season’s first 2 1/2 months already lost because of the lockout.


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NHL Cancels Games Through Dec. 14, All-Star Game

The NHL is calling off all games through Dec. 14, plus the 2013 NHL All-Star Weekend scheduled for Jan. 26-27 in Columbus, Ohio.


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NHL Players Offer New Plan To End Lockout

Wednesday was the 67th day of the lockout. More than a quarter of the regular season already has been canceled.