A researcher looks at a laboratory sample under a microscope. (credit: AP Photo)

5th Graders In Aledo Taking The L.E.A.D. In Science

In this week’s real science we found several 5th graders in Aledo taking the lead. They’re striving to be the scientists of tomorrow.


LAKE MEAD NRA, NV - AUGUST 12: Perseid meteors fall as a satellite passes across the sky early August 12, 2008 near Rogers Spring in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada. The meteor display, known as the Perseid shower because it appears to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky, is a result of Earth's orbit passing through debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle. Tuesday morning was considered the peak of the shower, which is visible every August. (credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Perseid Meteor Shower Streaks Across North Texas Skies

Nature’s fireworks are filling the skies tonight as the Perseid meteor shower hits its peak.


CBS 11 News meteorologist Jeff Jamison prepares his weather forecast on November 8, 2011. (credit: Phil Stauskas/KTVT/KTXA)

Stay Ahead Of The Weather With CBS 11’s Winter Special

The long-awaited Winter Weather Special is here: CBS 11’s group of meteorologists will spend the 6 p.m. hour Saturday exploring various winter topics that will help our viewers and readers anticipate and prepare for what may lie ahead.



Forney Mom Hit By Lightning Knows When Storms Are Coming

A Forney mother struck by lightening two years ago says she still hasn’t completely recovered from it.



Storms Firing Up For Early Evening

We are still expecting some storms to break out in our northwest corner, from Breckenridge to Bowie to Gainesville. There is a very strong cap in place but the dry line along with a low up to the north of us might be enough to break this cap and get some storms rolling. If they go it’ll be from now to 6pm- they’ll quickly develop in severe weather storms producing large hail and strong winds.


CBS 11 Storm Team

North Texas Entering The Heart Of Severe Weather Season

2010 saw its share of severe weather events across North Texas. Among the most dangerous threats to human life and property are tornadoes.


CBS 11 Storm Team

The Power Of Wind

Members of the CBS 11 Storm Team traveled to Lubbock Texas to visit with the professors and doctoral students at the world-renowned WISE program at Texas Tech University.


CBS 11 Storm Team

The Dangers Of Lightning

Lightning is brilliant, awe-inspiring and deadly. However, some people have survived a lightning strike.
“I just remember, like, a blue flash” said Terry Brisbin. He has no ill effects from the strike that happened in the late 1970’s.