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Midget Wrestling


RAGE: Midget Wrestling At Duke’s

105.3 The Fan–05/05/2011


Air Armen: 8 Days Until Midget Wrestling

Completely out of breath and exhausted after the 7 laps, I was ready to go home and was satisfied with that night’s exercises when Amy uttered, “OK let’s start the workout!”


Photo Credit: Armen Williams, KRLD-FM

12 Days Till The Fight: Training Begins!

Today marked the first day of my workouts with SGT H20. I must say, when it comes to my performance – EPIC FAIL.

105.3 The Fan–04/23/2011

Photo Credit: CBS Radio Dallas

13 Days Till The Fight

It’s go time. Since my outburst on the air earlier in the week, I’ve been blown up with promoters that are ready for me to wrestle some midgets.

105.3 The Fan–04/22/2011


Air Armen: Time For Some Midget Wrasslin’

The infamous midget wrestling will be returning where it’s always a packed house – but this time I want in. Seriously, I want in the ring!

105.3 The Fan–04/21/2011

Last night at Dukes…

Look who showed up for midget wrestling! And he tried to de-douchify himself by trading his highlighted hair for some long and luscious darker locks. Thanks for the pic BigBody!


Midget Wrestling Tonight at Duke's

Head to Duke’s in Addison (4180 Beltline Rd. @ Midway) for midget wrestling tonight at 10pm. You never know who you’ll see… (Thanks to Bigbody for the pic!)