Cockroach Milk? Experts Call Insect Dairy The Next SuperfoodScientists found that the Pacific Beetle cockroach of Hawaii possesses nutrient-filled milk crystals.
FDA Urged To Settle Fight Over What Can Be Called MilkThe saying goes: “Don’t cry over split milk.” But right now, there are tears of frustration on both sides of the debate over who gets to put “milk” on their label.
Researchers Find LED Lights Improve Taste Of MilkVirginia Tech researchers have found that the type of lighting used in retail display cases can affect the taste of milk. Riboflavin, a nutrient in milk, oxidizes when exposed to fluorescent lights.
Dean Foods Tops Forecasts & Buys Friendly's Ice CreamDean Foods announced Monday that it has acquired the ice cream manufacturing and retail business from the Friendly's restaurant chain. Then, on Tuesday, the Dallas company reported a first-quarter net income of $39.2 million.
Video: Ben & Skin's Beer Mile ChallengeIt's was epic! Ben & Skin's crew got out and did the 'Beer Mile'
'Got Milk?' Ad Campaign Ends After 20 YearsThe 'Got Milk?' advertising campaign has been wildly popular for the milk industry, but yet, it has not been able to stop a prolonged slide in American milk consumption.
Milk Truck Overturns In Downtown DallasA truck carrying gallons of milk flipped over in downtown Dallas early Wednesday morning. The driver suffered only minor injuries while crawling out of the smashed vehicle.
Lactation Lounge Opens In Dallas DA's OfficeThe perfect Mother’s Day gift at the Dallas County District Attorney’s office meets a basic need: a lactation room for nursing moms.
Milk, Dairy Prices Could Double If Congress Doesn't ActMilk, cheese, butter, and all things dairy could spike in price after the first of the year if a new farm bill isn’t finalized.
Richardson Milkman Still Delivers After 52 YearsJimmy Foster has a friendly laugh and a whole lot of friends that he sees, at least once a week, while on his Richardson route as one of the last remaining milk men in the country.
Study: Arsenic Levels High In Texas RiceConsumer Reports found significant levels of arsenic in apple juice earlier this year, and now, the magazine has a new study, showing many brands of rice also contain the toxin.
Peek Into Milk Production At Oak Farms DairyUnder the Oak Farms Dairy name, Dean Foods produced millions of milk cartons and jugs each year, and it's all done right here in Dallas.