NBA tattoos

‘All Options Open’ As Mavs Eye Marion Trade

Rumors are everywhere insisting the Dallas Mavericks are “close to dumping’’ Shawn Marion and the No. 13 pick for cap room as part of their pursuit of Chris Paul and/or Dwight Howard.


Jason Terry #31 of the Dallas Mavericks during a game against the Miami Heat on June 5, 2011. (credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Terry’s NBA Trophy Tattoo Was Quite A Premonition

Jason Terry put his faith in these Dallas Mavericks in ink. On the inside of his right biceps. With one more win, he’ll get to keep that tattoo of the NBA’s championship trophy — plus have the real thing.


Chris Andersen Is ‘Free As A Bird’, Has Tattoo To Prove It

If you were wondering how the Denver Nuggets’ Chris Andersen is feeling these days (and I’m pretty sure you weren’t), the writing is on his neck.  And it appears as though the one they call “Birdman” […]