Groundbreaking Research In North Texas Seeks Cure For ALSALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is one of the most debilitating and deadliest neurological diseases out there.
Playing Football Too Young May Mean Earlier Cognitive & Emotional ProblemsSports may be a great way to keep kids active, but a new study finds that the earlier players started to tackle football, the more vulnerable they were to emotional and cognitive problems.
Scientists Find Clue To Age-Related Memory Loss Scientists have found a compelling clue in the quest to learn what causes age-related memory problems, and to one day be able to tell if those misplaced car keys are just a senior moment or an early warning of something worse.
Docs Say Keep Trained Eye On Possible ConcussionsA major medical group is updating its guidelines for handling amateur or professional athletes suspected of having a concussion.
Study: More Than 8.4 Million Americans SleepwalkSleepwalking is much more common in the U.S. population that previously thought, researchers announced Monday.
Doctor Explains Alzheimer's Treatment & PreventionThere is a new push to improve Alzheimer's treatment and prevention by 2025. A local neurologist looks at the current process for battling the disease.
MD Group Says Specialist Should Review ConcussionsAthletes of all ages who are suspected of suffering a concussion should be evaluated by a specialist before they return to sports, a major doctors group said Monday.