Former Neurosurgeon Sentenced To Life In Prison For Maiming PatientsThe former North Texas neurosurgeon was convicted of intentionally injuring the patients he was supposed to be helping.
Jurors To Decide Fate Of Convicted Collin County NeurosurgeonIt's punishment day for a former North Texas neurosurgeon convicted of intentionally injuring the patients. Jurors will now decide how much time Christopher Duntsch should spend behind bars.
Former Neurosurgeon Faces Life In Prison After Guilty VerdictFormer Plano neurosurgeon, Christopher Duntsch has been found guilty of injury to an elderly person.
Prosecutors: Ex-Surgeon Calls Himself 'Killer'A neurosurgeon facing criminal charges alleging he may have intentionally hurt patients who had turned to him to resolve debilitating injuries sent a chilling email to his girlfriend.
Most Throw A Flag At Idea High School Football BanBan high school football in Texas? Seriously? Surely that’s nonsense. Actually, it probably is in the Lone Star State. But it is a movement that seems to be gaining some steam in other parts of the country.
GP Couple Helped By News Of Alzheimer's MisdiagnosisMore than 5 million Americans are right now facing a frightening diagnosis: Alzheimer’s. But, experts say as many as one percent of those cases—50,000 or more—could instead be the only curable form of dementia: NPH—Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.