Opinion: Occupy Wall Street’s First AnniversaryOccupy Wall Street made the world aware of Wall Street’s nearly-obscene inequities. But, unfortunately, that has been about it. How much has really changed because of the 12-month-old movement?
Street Artist Shepard Fairey Brings His Art To DallasFor decades, the story of West Dallas has been one of poverty, neglect, and hard times. It's hardly the place one would go looking for great art.
Dallas Police Chief Explains Move To Evict Occupy Dallas ProtestorsViolence, sanitation, and violations of city laws led Dallas police to evict the Occupy Dallas protestors from their campsite early Thursday morning.
Sickness A Big Concern At Occupy Dallas Camp“A week or so after we moved here, a little cold was going through,” said protestor Rich Coffman.
Judge Denies Occupy Dallas Order Against CityA federal judge has refused to grant an order sought by Occupy Dallas demonstrators to prevent the city from closing their campsite.
Occupy Dallas Faces Possible Eviction TuesdayOccupy Dallas protestors will have one more night at their downtown camp before they learn if they must pull up stakes and move out.
Tensions Flare In Dallas Bank ProtestA protest over switching banks by the group MoveOn.org and the continued Occupy Dallas movement turned into a tense scene Saturday.
Police Cracking Down After Occupy Dallas ConfrontationA spokeswoman says the group can't promise there won't be another physical confrontation with officers.
Occupy Dallas Can Continue Downtown ProtestUnder a deal reached Friday with city leaders, Occupy Dallas can continue its Wall Street protest at downtown's Pioneer Park, until Sunday.
'Occupy Dallas' Protestors May Get Kicked OutThe City of Dallas is prepared to kick the ‘Occupy Dallas’ protestors out of Pioneer Plaza on Wednesday because of permit issues.
Fort Worth 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Argue With Each Other Over Who Controls The GroupThe Occupy protest hits Fort Worth. Some 50 protesters gathered Monday morning to protest Wall Streets control over Congress.
'Occupy Dallas' Plans March To Federal ReserveThe anti-Wall Street protests happening across the country are about to spread to North Texas.The group Occupy Dallas is planning a huge march and demonstration Thursday and they’re willing to go to jail to get their point across.