Farthest Photos Ever Taken, From Nearly 4 Billion Miles AwayThe NASA spacecraft that gave us close-ups of Pluto has set a record for the farthest photos ever taken.
North Texas Cities Still Recovering 1 Month After Deadly TornadoesIt was exactly one month ago today that hundreds of North Texas families lost everything when tornados cut a path through the metroplex. Talk to some survivors and they say each day is a step forward -- that is evident with the progress that has been made.
Photos Lost In North Texas On Their Way Back To Owner In AlaskaThe mystery surrounding an infant's death more than 30 years ago has been solved, thanks in part, to viewers like you. Monday CBS 11 News brought you the story of lost photos recovered at a North Texas gas station.
Smartphone App Lets Users Sell Photos For CashScoopshot matches photographers with companies that want to buy real photos, in real time, from real people.
Surgeons: Many Having Surgery To Look Better In SelfiesCosmetic surgeons say many people are going under the knife to get better photographs of themselves to share on social networks.
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Man Indicted For Allegedly Taking Pics Under Female Shopper's SkirtsCell phone cameras are making it easier for peeping toms to victimize women -- in public places. This week, a Collin County grand jury indicted Hamid Shoreh for improper photography.
Texas Women Sue X-Rated Revenge WebsiteSexy pictures, taken for private purposes, are finding their way online.
Celebrity Secrets To Striking The Picture Perfect PoseLearn the secrets to the perfect picture pose.
Instagram Says It Has The Right To Sell Your PhotosInstagram said that it has the perpetual right to sell user photographs without payment or notification, a dramatic policy shift that quickly sparked a public outcry.
Maternity Photography A New Texas TrendFor a decade photographer Teresa Berg has captured life's little miracles. But more and more often, the classically trained photographer is preserving their likeness before they've even taken their first breath.
Telling Your Storm StoryA look at some of the dozens of pictures and videos CBS 11 News viewers took during Saturday night's storms.