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Fan Fans Made Pieceathon PossibleI just want to explain again that #Pieceathon came together in one week. SERIOUSLY!
Redskins Prank On Intern BradleyThis morning, Troy called intern, Bradley, into Studio B and proposed to him a Washington Redskins "bit" -- a very OFFENSIVE "bit". How would Bradley handle the task in front of him?
A Terrifying Psycho Clown PrankThis may be the scariest video on the internet. A psycho clown terrorizes bystanders by pretending to kill someone right before their eyes.
Player Falls Victim To Deaf Teammate PrankFor an entire month, baseball player Jeff Francoeur is convinced by teammates that Jorge Reyes is deaf. He's not. Watch the prank unfold here.
Aggie Pranksters Color UT Campus With Maroon BluebonnetsA maroon version of the state flower that's sprouted in the shadow of the University of Texas Tower in Austin has some wondering if it's the work of Aggie pranksters.
Viral Video: High School Football PrankThe entire football team at a high school in Arizona pulled a prank on their sophomore quarterback. He calls a play, and what happens next is priceless. Check it out!
Troy Pranks The Overnight Board OpWith Troy out all next week on vacation, Johnathon Shipman will be running New School. Troy pulled Shipman into the production studio and shared with him the outrageous things Shan and RJ do during the show.
Viral Video: 90 Degrees Room PrankA man returns home from vacation only to find that his brother has rearranged his bedroom in a very unusual way.
Viral Video: Elevator Weatherman PrankA man pranks a group of people by providing an impromptu weather forecast -- on an elevator. Watch the video here.
Biff Ripperts Sales PrankBen's fake character Biff Ripperts goes after Joe from sales in one of the most intimidating phone calls in the history of radio pranks.
Doctors Warn Of 'Cinnamon Challenge' DangersDon't take the cinnamon challenge. That's the advice from doctors in a new report about a dangerous prank depicted in popular YouTube videos but which has led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to U.S. poison centers.
Prank Leaves Arlington Employee Trapped In Old VaultA man was trapped in an old bank vault for three hours on Thursday evening after a practical joke went wrong.

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