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Dallas Pregnancy Center ‘Taking To The Streets’

A longtime pregnancy center is taking its counseling services to the streets of Dallas. Next week, as part of their new “Save the Storks” program, the Downtown Pregnancy Center is launching a bus campaign.


File photograph of the feet of a newborn. (credit: Getty Images/Christopher Furlong)

Induced Labor Lets Dying Texas Man See His Daughter

Diane Aulger was two weeks from her due date when she and her husband decided there was no time to wait: Mark Aulger had days to live, and he wanted to see his child.


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Komen Official Quits After Planned Parenthood Dispute

An executive with the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer charity has resigned after a dispute over funding for Planned Parenthood.


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Supporters Rally Around Planned Parenthood

Supporters are rallying around Planned Parenthood after renowned breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure decided to cut their breast screening grants.


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Pfizer Recalls 1M Birth Control Packs Over Pregnancy Concerns

A manufacturing mix-up by Pfizer Inc., the world’s largest drug maker, led to some packets being distributed with the pills out of order. That means a patient could have unknowingly skipped a dose and raised her risk of an accidental pregnancy.


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Texas Sonogram Lawsuit In Austin Federal Court

A constitutional fight over a Texas law requiring a woman to have a sonogram before getting an abortion is back in federal court.


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CDC: Many Teen Moms Didn’t Think It Could Happen

A new government study suggests a lot of teenage girls are clueless about their chances of getting pregnant.


A doctor conducts an ultrasound scan. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

State Abortion Law Still In Limbo After Court Ruling

The court may have ruled that Texas should be allowed to enforce a new abortion law, but that doesn’t mean the law will be enforced anytime soon.


A doctor conducts an ultrasound scan. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Court Says Texas May Enforce Abortion Law

A Texas abortion law that requires doctors to show sonograms to patients can be enforced while opponents challenge the measure in court.


Singer Lisa Loeb arrives at HBO's Premiere of "Enlightened" at Paramount Theater on the Paramount Studios lot on October 6, 2011 in Hollywood, California. (credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Singer Lisa Loeb Pregnant With Second Child

Lisa Loeb has another baby on the way. The “Stay” singer is expecting her second child with husband Roey Hershkovitz, she announced on Twitter.


A doctor conducts an ultrasound scan. (credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Court Hears Arguments Over Texas Abortion Law

A court is reviewing a judge’s decision to temporarily block Texas from enforcing a law requiring doctors to show sonograms to abortion patients.


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FDA Revisits Safety Of Newer Birth Control Drugs

Birth control drugs that were heavily promoted as having fewer side effects and the ability to clear up acne and other hormonal bothers are under new scrutiny from safety regulators.