profiles of courage

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Profiles Of Courage: David Hillary

After their time of service, many veterans struggle to overcome PTSD. David Hillary talks about his experience during and after his time in the miltiary.


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Profiles Of Courage: Defenders Of Freedom

While it is certainly worth honoring our nation’s heroes, it is also important to recognize those who support veterans.


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Profiles Of Courage: C.B. Perdue

C.B. Perdue was a World War II B-17 gunner who was shot down over Germany in 1945. He shared his story with CBS 11 News.


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Profiles Of Courage: Robert Jagers

Robert Jagers is a World War II veteran decorated for his role in the D-Day invasion. He wrote a book about his experience on Utah Beach.


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Profiles Of Courage: Johnny Holliday

Johnny Holliday is a member of the Air Force Security Forces, and an accomplished jazz artist. He joined CBS 11 News to talk about his career and his music.


WWII veteran Samuell Rowlett (credit: CBS 11 News)

Profiles Of Courage: Samuell Rowlett

Veteran Samuell Rowlett made a promise with God in the middle of World War II. Sixty years later, he’s keeping that promise.


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Profiles Of Courage: John Jose

World War II veteran Melbert Hillert recently returned to Normandy with his grandson, John Jose, to share an emotional experience.


Lt. Col. Joseph Turecky (credit: CBS 11 News)

Profiles Of Courage: Joseph Turecky

Lt. Col. Joseph Turecky say he would have gone down with his plane if he had to. But thankfully, it’s a choice he never had to make during World War II.


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Profiles Of Courage: Wings Of Freedom

Last month, several World War II veterans who were part of D-Day got a chance to return to Normandy. Laura Leppert and Wings of Freedom were the driving force behind that journey.


Profiles of Courage: john Wayne Walding (credit: CBS 11 News)

Profiles Of Courage: John Wayne Walding

Born on the 4th of July, Green Beret John Wayne Walding of Frisco is a silver star recipient, the nation’s third highest military decoration for valor. Doug Dunbar shares his story of strength and survival in Afghanistan and his one-of-a-kind accomplishment once he returned home.


(credit: Project INVEST)

Profiles Of Courage: Project INVEST

There is a unique project in North Texas helping wounded warriors re-integrate into society using adaptive sports.