McCommas Landfill Protest

Trash Protests March Into Downtown Dallas

Hundreds of protesters from the Highland Hills area of South Dallas marched across the Houston Street Viaduct into downtown Dallas Saturday. They object to the city’s plan to greatly expand the amount of garbage going to the nearby McCommas Bluff Landfill.


Occupy Dallas Protest Photos

CPS Seizes Baby From ‘Occupy Dallas’ Site

CBS 11 News was on the scene as police officers and CPS agents took custody of a 9-month-old boy at the ‘Occupy Dallas’ campsite.



38 People Arrested In ‘Occupy Austin’ Demonstration

A pair of pre-dawn confrontations between Austin police and Occupy Austin protesters led to 38 arrests Sunday.



‘Occupy Dallas’ Marches In Support Of Police

Occupy Dallas found themselves toe-to-toe with police officers again today. But it was a far different scene than Monday’s clash in downtown.


Occupy Dallas participants march on the Dallas Federal Reserve building near downtown Dallas on October 6, 2011. Photo credit: J.Burkett,

Police Cracking Down After Occupy Dallas Confrontation

A spokeswoman says the group can’t promise there won’t be another physical confrontation with officers.


Occupy Dallas Protest Photos

Police Investigating Possible Sexual Assault Of Teen At Occupy Dallas

CBS 11 News has learned of an investigation into the possible sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl at the Occupy Dallas campsite.


Photo by Ben Sklar/Getty Images

Governor Perry In Richardson Today, Protest Planned

Governor Perry will be in North Texas today and a group of parents worried about state budget cuts to their kids school are ready to meet him.


Protestors rallied in Downtown Dallas for Libya and Iran on Feb. 20, 2011.

Protests Held In Downtown Dallas For Freedom In Libya, Iran

They’re thousands of miles from Libya, but dozens of people at two demonstrations in Downtown Dallas Sunday said they feel they can make a difference.


High Court To Hear Military Funeral Protest Case

The father of a Marine killed in Iraq is asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a $5 million verdict against members of a fundamentalist church who picketed his son’s funeral with signs like “Thank God […]


Mondays With Carl (Audio)

Monday nights at 8:05, nationally known political analyst Carl Jeffers joins me to break down the biggest political stories of the week.  Since yesterday was Labor Day, we decided to visit with Carl on Tuesday […]


PETA Protester Acquitted After Nude Protest

A PETA protester has been found not guilty two months after she was arrested for posing nearly nude near Main and Akard in downtown Dallas. 


Floaters Feel Targeted

Dozens of horse tooth floaters protest the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.