Raytheon - Student Veterans of America

The Student Veterans Of America Advocate For Higher Education

Student Veterans of America is an umbrella organization for groups advocating for improvements to veterans educational benefits provided by the government. Those who have served the U.S. in the military deserve opportunities when they return from service, and the SVA works toward that end.


Raytheon Boys & Girls Club Youth Of The Year

Leading By Example: The Boys & Girls Clubs Military Youth Of The Year Finalist

The members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, who are part of military families that often move around the country and the world to help in the defense of our nation, exemplify the best of what the future has to offer.


Raytheon Boys and Girls Clubs

How The Boys And Girls Clubs Of America Is Supporting Military Families And Youths

Corporate giant Raytheon and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America establish a cutting-edge initiative for military families


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American Corporate Partners Help Veterans Make Shift To Civilian Workplace

What do military veterans do when they have served their country and decide to move on? Transitioning to civilian life can be challenging. That’s where American Corporate Partners steps in.


Don Shula

NFL Coaches Who Have Served In The Military

Professional athletes are often compared to warriors, so it’s no surprise when their leaders use standard military discipline to get their teams to perform well. Here are some NFL coaches who have also served our country.


Raytheon - Military Family

Spotlight On The Boys & Girls Clubs Of America Military Youth Program

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America provide opportunity for the children of military families, forced to move around from city to city and school to school, with the Military Youth Program.


Raytheon - Pat Tillman

NFL Players Who Have Served In The Military

We don’t often think of professional athletes as soldiers in the U.S. military, but in the National Football League, there are players who have sacrificed for their country—even recently.


NFL’s Salute To Service Program

What Is The NFL’s Salute To Service Program?

The NFL’s Salute to Service program is an annual military appreciation campaign which includes in-game ceremonies during the month of November (for Veterans Day) at every NFL stadium.


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Dallas Engineer Says Education Helps Extend Life Beyond 1 And 0

“I wanted to get a degree so I wouldn’t have to spend my life on an assembly line,” said Marty Leister, an ASIC design engineer at Raytheon.


Spc. Javier Mendoza works under the hood of a 2014 GM vehicle at the Raytheon and GM training center at Fort Hood, Texas. Mendoza, a newly GM-certified automotive technician, hopes to find work at a GM dealership in his hometown, Houston, Texas. Photo by Pat McKenna/Raytheon

From Trenches To Wrenches: Training Soldiers For Civilian Success

Raytheon Professional Services provided this first-of-its-kind training at Fort Hood, teaching the same curriculum that every dealership’s GM-certified automotive technician receives.


Brian Aft poses for a photo with fellow wounded warrior and home recipient, Brandon Byers (left) and Raytheon Missile Systems employee and North Texas RAYVETS president James Bishop (middle). Photo Credit: Conner Howell

Coming Home: A Community Gives A Wounded Warrior A New Start

Corporal Brian Aft and Buckshot, his bomb-sniffing dog, were in line to jump an irrigation ditch near Kajaki, Afghanistan, an area known for being littered with roadside bombs. The explosion lifted Aft and Buckshot into the air. Both survived, but Aft’s legs would have to be amputated almost to the hip.


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Freeze, Burn, Shake: Extreme Testing Ensures Satellite Equipment Will Withstand Space

Protecting the military’s most sensitive information begins in the most unusual of places.