Rick Perry

GOP Candidates Try To Adapt As Ranks ThinScott Walker and Rick Perry entered the 2016 presidential race with a combined 18 years of experience as governors. They exited with little support and dwindling bank accounts.
Trump Bids Perry Adieu From Presidential Race "He's gone, good luck — he was very nasty to me," Trump said in Iowa.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Suspends Presidential CampaignWith poll numbers remaining in the low single digits, his campaign having run out of cash, and many of his staffers leaving, former Texas Governor Rick Perry announced Friday afternoon he was suspending his campaign for President.
Former Texas Governor Rick Perry Suspends His Presidential CampaignFormer Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided to drop out of the 2016 presidential race.
Perry Campaign Will Have 1 Paid Staffer In IowaRick Perry's cash-strapped presidential campaign is set to keep going in Iowa with just one paid staffer and some volunteers.
Perry Taking Part In South Carolina Town HallRick Perry is the latest Republican presidential candidate to take part in a town hall meeting with South Carolina's junior senator.
Perry Says His Bid For The Presidency Will ContinueDespite staff defections and running low on cash, former Texas Governor Rick Perry says his presidential campaign will continue.
Rick Perry Shrugs Off Fundraising Woes In Return To TexasAs his lagging, cash-strapped campaign heads back to South Carolina, Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said Wednesday that he has been "short of money" his whole life.
Perry Resumes Paying Some StaffersRick Perry's presidential campaign said that it had started once again to pay some staffers who lost their salaries earlier this month amid sluggish fundraising.
Perry's Iowa Chairman Leaves Lagging CampaignSam Clovis said he had stepped down as Iowa state chairman after the former Texas governor stopped paying campaign staffers.
Perry Questions Border Wall PlansSpeaking on Wednesday at the Iowa State Fair, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry said that building a wall is not the best way to secure the U.S. border and halt illegal immigration.
Perry Asks Top Texas Criminal Court To Nix 2nd Felony ChargeFormer Gov. Rick Perry's legal team has asked Texas' highest criminal court to toss the second and final felony charge against him.